Journey to meet real Tokyo.

What WHeeLING wants to provide:
Experience to see, touch, buy, know, and take home with Tokyo.

The tourist guide has a lot of information that can not be reached in a few days.

World's leading shopping area, futuristic skyscrapers, state-of-the-art youth culture, streets that retain the medieval era, book town, electricity town, anime town, nightlife town, grandma town Also.

Each area has a different face because it has its own history.
There is also a reason for the name of the town.

As you explore the area around the major spot, you will find the hint. And you get more interested when you know it.

If you ride a bike, you will go to backstreet, an alley,another alley ...that will not go on foot. It is just naturally.

Just moving becomes an exciting activity.
The place you arrive will be your destination.

Surely there you will find something very important that is not listed in the tourist guide.

Portable and foldable special bikes,
Put them
in a backpack and deliver to your hotel,
The first
delivery / rental bike in the world.

Let's go to Tokyo!

Tokyo is one of the most advanced cities in the world, but it has a rich history and culture.

It is a great opportunity to visit Tokyo! , with the new station of Yamanote Line opening and reborn Shibuya, Regeneration of Nihonbashi finally begins etc.


Where and what do you do in Tokyo?


"If you go to Tokyo. Where do you go? What do you eat?"


A major tourist spot that you must visit.

The hottest ramen shop.

A stylish cafe that you want to post to Instagram.

High brand stores.

Eat luxurious sushi for the Tokyo memorial.

Beautiful night view.


Because it ’s a special trip to Tokyo for you.


If you notice, it is a plan that cannot be realized during your stay in Tokyo!


To meet your great desire, you will need to think about how to move.

Think about how to move in Tokyo

There are various transportation options in Tokyo. Trains, subways, buses, and water buses.
These traffic network that covers city area like mesh is the most detailed in the world, the dispatching time is very accurate, and it takes you safely and surely to the getting-off station.

However, the complex route network is difficult to understand because it involves many transfers, and it is difficult for Tokyo residents to manage well.

_浅草仲見世通り AsakusaNakamise-dori__午後12_30_p

In addition, when sightseeing in a compactly organized city of Tokyo, there are many short distance travels.

Go to the next destination directly on foot, or go back to the station and get on the subway for only one station.

You will repeat this many times a day.

"Take a taxi because it's a short distance"


No, no. There is a lot of traffic in the center of Tokyo, so it won't do what you want.
Even if you are traveling, you want to save money and time if you can.


Choice of sightseeing on a bike

If you are traveling between one or two stations, traveling by bike is the best choice.
It ’s so easy, and traveling with new discoveries will be one of the important memories of your trip.

You might be a good idea to use bike sharing.
Fortunately, there are many bike sharing in Tokyo. If you can find a bike port and there is an empty one, you can start by bike immediately.

You should complete membership registration in advance. Because it takes a lot of work for you.


but... when you arrive at your destination,


"I can't find a bike port or parking area ..."
“I just parked for a short time, but my bike was seized ...”


you may be plagued by the rules of bike parking in Tokyo.

Do you know? Bicycle rules in Tokyo.

①Bicycles must go along the driveway. Sidewalks are also accepted as exceptions. ②Pass the left side of the driveways.

③When passing the sidewalk, give priority to people and ride slowly on the roadside. ④Comply with the signal. ⑤Stop and safety check at the intersection. ⑥Turn on the lights at night. ⑦Park in a bicycle parking lot. ⑧Check and maintain it frequently. ⑨Get insurance in case of accident. ⑩Everybody should wear a helmet. (Recommendation) ⑪Prohibited matters (side-and-side riding, double riding, using a mobile phone while riding, using umbrella while riding, drunk riding, using headphones while riding)

*Road traffic laws apply to bicycles just like any other car. If you violate, you will be subject to penalties, so follow the rules and use them safely.

When you receive your bike, let's go on a Tokyo expedition!


From the hotel to the nearest station, you can take a cycling while listening to the city.
It's a little faster than walking, just the right speed to explore the town.


You have arrived at the station.


Put your bike in your backpack... and get on the Yamanote line.
There is no additional charge for baggage.

On the train, no one realizes that you have a bike :)

When you arrive at the arrival station, quickly assemble your bike and go to your destination.

When you visit a tourist spot such as a shrine or temple, fold it up and bring it as luggage.


Not just a tourist spot. Tokyo is full of interesting things.
Go around the area and find a secret spot.


There is no need to worry about parking because you can bring it in during a cafe break.
When shopping, you can carry it with a backpack or leave it in a coin locker.


If you get tired, board a taxi and head to a delicious restaurant.


If you go around on the way back to the hotel, you may be able to see the amazing scenery.


Don't miss that moment.


Post your travel memories on SNS.

In the hotel room at night...


Please spend with it during your stay in Tokyo.