Bikes delivery and rental

to hotels in Tokyo 23 wards.

Carry a bike !  and travel around Tokyo.

Put a folding bike in a backpack and get on the train or bus. And cycling from the station to the destination.
Tokyo Tower, Sky Tree, Shrine, Cafe, Shopping... and more, you can bring it anywhere.
A new sightseeing style of “carrying vehicles”. Enjoy Tokyo as you like!
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WHeeLING delivers and lends a portable folding bike WHeeLING BIKE (SINCLAIR RESEARCH A-bike city) to your hotel.

"Take the bike and carry it along with public transport"
WHeeLING offers the best way to travel in Tokyo, for visitors.

"I want to go sightseeing while cycling, but it is hard to find parking places in the city area ..."

"I want to enjoy freely, without time or action restrictions!"

If you fold the WHeeLING BIKE compactly and put it in the attached backpack, you can bring it to public transportation and stores.

You don't have to worry about parking places.

Take a train to the station near your destination. And let's go where you want to go with WHeeLING BIKE.

When tired, get in a taxi with it.

when hungry go to the popular restaurant with it.

If you go around on the way back to the hotel, you may be able to see the amazing scenery.

Wherever you want.

Please enjoy your journey to find Tokyo.

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Rental fee.​

                  Only 1 day : 2,500 JPY 

Two days and more : 2,500 JPY + 1,000 JPY/per day.

*Delivery fee and Tax included.

Service area : Tokyo 23 wards.

Service target facility : Accommodation with a permanent reception.

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On our website, you make a reservation and payment. 

(Until 5:00 pm the day before use.)

*You can pay with credit card or PayPal.



Receive your bicycle at the front desk of your hotel on the day of booking. (We will deliver them by 10:00 am)
You do not need to visit our shop.

We do not lend them at our storefront.


③Enjoy Tokyo​!


Return the bicycle to your hotel by 0:00 am on the day of returning. 
Then we will collect them.


*Please read before making a reservation.

Link to rental systems.

*This service is limited to hotels in the 23 wards of Tokyo.