Bikes delivery and rental

anywhere in JAPAN.

Carry a bike !  and travel all over JAPAN.

Where will you go with a folding bike?
Loaded it in a car, going to a camp, traveling by train, anime pilgrimages, business trips, and so on.
To your home. To your hotel.
Rental bikes that can be delivered anywhere in Japan by "Takkyubin"!
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Foldable bike 'WHeeLING BIKE' you can carry in a backpack.

It is a rental bike that can be received anywhere in Japan.


To your home.

To your hotel.


We will deliver it to any location where “Takkyubin” arrives.


You are available for a minimum of 1 day.

It arrives the day before you need it, so you can rest assured even if you leave early the next morning. (You can also specify delivery time)


Camping or driving with bikes loaded in the car.

Bring it to the train and travel.

A pilgrimage tour of anime or movies.

Shrine and Buddhist temple tour.

Test drive before purchasing the A-bike.

Travel on business trips.


How to use is up to you.


If you fold WHeeLING BIKE compactly and put it in the included backpack, you can carry it on trains, buses, ships and airplanes.


When you have finished playing, just give the return to Yamato Transport.

You can return it at the hotel reception or convenience store.


Please use it as a companion for your trip that is not limited in time and behavior.

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Rental fee : Bikes delivery and rental anywhere in Japan

To Honshu area / Shikoku area      ¥ 5,000~

To Hokkaido prefecture / Kyushu area    ¥ 5,500~

To Okinawa Prefecture         ¥ 8,000~

Extended fee (All regions, every day)   + ¥ 1,000

*Delivery fee and Tax included.

Service area : Tokyo 23 wards.

Service target facility : Accommodation with a permanent reception.

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On our website, you make a reservation and payment. 

* Reservations will be closed 4 days before the start date.

*You can pay with credit card or PayPal.



You will receive bikes by "Takkyubin" the day before the start.

In the case of delivery to the hotel, you will receive bikes at the hotel reception on the start day.


Enjoy your journey !


Be sure to ship bikes to our store by Yamato Transport on the return date. (No delivery fee required)
You can return at the convenience store.
When we confirm the return of bikes, it is complete.


*Please read before making a reservation.

Link to rental systems.