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The compact body with a total length of about 1,000 mm has good turning performance! You can go into narrow alleys.


Folding and assembly is only 20 seconds!

Of course, you need to get used to it, but don't worry. Assembly instructions are included.


Weight 6.79kg.

If you fold it and put it in a backpack, you can even bring it to a crowded train.

We prepared a special folding bike for your travel.
​I understand how easy it is to ride a bicycle, but isn't it a hindrance when not in use?
When traveling, it's best to have less luggage. It's a shame if it becomes a disturbing baggage during the fun time.
General folding bikes are designed to be folded when stored, but this bike was developed as a city commuter that can be folded and carried around because of "moving with public transport in urban areas".
It ’s surprisingly easy to fold, it ’s lightweight enough to be carried easily by women, and it ’s a reliable ride.
Although not recommended for full-scale cycling or long distance travel, it performs well for 1 or 2 mile journey from the station to the destination.
Its speed is about the same as a city cycle with a single gear. Much faster than walking. You can relax and look around. It ’s just the right speed for exploration.
Run comfortably, fold easily, and take the train to the next town.
It will be the best partner you can't let go during the journey.
​weight : 6.79kg
When traveling : length 96cm × height 96cm × width 47cm
When folded : height 69.5cm × width 41cm × depth 21.5cm
Tire size : 8 inches
Weight limit : 100 kg
Recommended height 155~185cm(Adjustable seat)
​Accessories Backpack, Headlight, wirelock, Assembly instructions

You can fold or assemble in only 3 steps, 20 seconds.

It's so easy, you just extend and expand each point.

You do not need tools and space, and you can do it on the station square, at the entrance of the building, on the sidewalk, anywhere!





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