Please read before making a reservation.

Terms of service. (Bikes delivery and rental to hotels in Tokyo 23 wards.)

Legal compliance etc. 

・You agree to follow traffic laws and manners, and to use the bicycle safely and responsibly.

・Please use it according to the instruction manual.

・Do not modify the bike or attach external parts.

About lending and returning.

・This service area is limited to Tokyo 23 wards.

​・This service is only available for accommodation with a permanent front desk.

・After your reservation, we will check if this service is available at your hotel.

・Once the above confirmation is complete, your reservation will be confirmed.

・If this service is not available due to hotel management or other reasons, we may refuse to use this service.

・We will deliver the bike to your accommodation.

・Please pick up the bike at the accommodation reception after 10:00 on the start date.

・Please return the bike to the accommodation reception by 23:59 on the return date.
・If you cannot return the bike on the return date, please be sure to contact us in advance. In that case, an additional fee (1,000 JPY / unit) must be paid every day until the return.

・If we determine that your return delay is vicious, we will charge a fine or product price in addition to the additional fee.

・When you do not return the bike after the return date and do not respond to our return request. Or as we become unable to contact you. If we determine that you stole our bikes, we will take legal action.

About trouble during use.
・If the bike breaks down, you should stop using it immediately and contact us.

・Please contact us if you cannot return the bike for health reasons or otherwise.

・In the event of a traffic accident, please inform the police and us about the situation of the accident as soon as possible.

・We are not responsible for your traffic accidents, injuries or other troubles. Resolve at your own risk and expense. (Except for cases covered by our insurance)

・When the bicycle is stolen, please inform the police and us about the fact as soon as possible.
・If necessary, we may call you directly.

・If we determine that you cannot continue this service, such as your troubles, etc., we will ask you to stop using and return the bike.

About insurance.

・All our bikes have the bicycle liability insurance. This insurance covers personal injury, property damage and 24-hour road service when you are in an accident. 

・There is no compensation for passengers in our bicycle insurance. Please use your own travel insurance.

About compensation.
・If a malfunction or loss is found when returning the bike, accessories, or other rental products, you will have to pay a repair fee.
・If the bike, accessories or other rental products cannot be returned due to loss or theft, you will have to pay the product price. (Bike 69,300JPY, backpack 7,700JPY)
・We will not be responsible for any lost items when returning rental products.

About bicycle parking

・Will be stolen. Do not park on the street.

・If you violate the bicycle parking rules and your bike is confiscated by a public institution, you will be responsible for all costs and other damages that we incurred.

・When we pay the above costs on your behalf, you pay us immediately for the costs.

・At night, be sure to bring the bike to your room for storage. To prevent theft, do not park in an external parking space.


About cancellation.

・If you wish to cancel, please complete the cancellation procedure by noon the day before the start date from the confirmation email we will send after your booking. In that case, no cancellation fee will be charged.
・Please note that if the above cancellation deadline is passed, you will be charged a full rental fee for the reservation period.
・If there is no prior notice and you do not pick up the bike at the hotel reception on the start date, you will be charged a full rental fee for the reservation period.

・Canceling the start date due to bad weather, natural disasters or other force majeure is free of charge. In that case, please contact us by 9:00 on that day.

・If our shop cannot be operated due to bad weather, natural disasters, or other force majeure, we may ask you to cancel by e-mail or phone.

Management of customer information.

We will manage your personal information as per our “Privacy Policy”.

Changes to terms.

We can make changes to these terms without prior notice to our customers.

Court of competent jurisdiction.

The Tokyo District Court has jurisdiction over these terms.

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